A Convenient New Way to Know Your Numbers

HealthBuzzWorkers covered by the State Employee Health Benefit have a new option for completing the Know Your Numbers screening, which is part of the Health Rewards program. Anthem has a new arrangement with ConvenientMD to provide Know Your Numbers screenings at any ConvenientMD location.

Know Your Numbers screenings check your weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and glucose. Knowing these numbers can help you prevent health issues as you make improvements to your health and well-being. As part of the Health Rewards program, you can earn money for completing the screening. It’s a win-win for you.

If you want to complete the screening at ConvenientMD, there’s no appointment necessary, but you do have to follow two steps:

  1. Download, print and complete the ConvenientMD Authorization Form, found online at  http://goo.gl/MXKtKT.
  2. Bring the Authorization form, State of NH employee ID badge, and Anthem Insurance Card to any ConvenientMD location during their normal business hours (8 a.m.-8 p.m., seven days per week).

Completing this activity will earn you $100 on a gift card or Visa debit card. It’s important to remember that before you can earn money for any Health Rewards activities, you’ll need to take the Health Assessment Tool (HAT). You can see the whole Health Rewards process in more detail here: https://das.nh.gov/wellness/wellness_rewardprogram.html.

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