President’s Message: Coming Soon – Fewer Emails

Rich Gulla

Rich Gulla

I’m writing today to let you know that I hear you, and I want to hear you a little better. What I mean is that we’ve heard from you over the years that we need to improve the way we communicate with members. There are a lot of ways to do that, but we want to focus on ways that encourage more two-way communications, with a bigger emphasis on social media.

I started this process by kick-starting our Communications Committee, which has long been dormant. We met last week with a couple of members and made one easy decision: starting today, we’re cutting back on our SEA News emails to twice a month.  Instead of every Thursday, look for the SEA News on the first and third Thursday of every month.

For a lot of years, email has been the best way we can reach members, and we’re not ditching it altogether. At convention and council meetings, we heard from members that we send too many messages. We plan to make better use of targeted emails and social media, while also using tools we’ve never used before, like text messaging. I’ve also begun putting out more messages via video. However, SEA News emails will still be part of the mix.

While you’re at your computer or on your phone, I’d like to ask you to do two things:

  1. Follow us on your social media channel of choice. You can find us here on Facebook. You can find us here on Twitter. Do me a favor though — don’t just like us (or follow us) — comment on our posts or retweet a photo we post. Tweet at us or post your own photo on our Facebook wall. Get active.
  2. Be sure that you’ve opted in for our political email bulletin, which is sent out every Monday morning during legislative sessions. It includes the major bills that are coming up, as well as what you can do to take action on them. You can add your email to the list here.  

This is all a work in progress, so there may be some bumps in the road. We appreciate your patience and participation as we work to improve the way we communicate. Finally, if you have an interest in helping improve our communications, please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity,
Rich Gulla

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