What Do Chapter Leadership Roles Entail?

Deadline for Chapter Elections is Next Friday, Feb. 10

The deadline to self-nominate for SEA chapter leadership positions is coming up next Friday, Feb. 10. We often get questions about what chapter leadership roles entail, so with the deadline approaching, we wanted to provide a bit of information on each one.

Tammy Clark, the SEA’s Second Vice President and chair of the Organizing Committee, has served in just about every chapter role available. She said getting involved at that level allows you to make an impact at the place you spend most of your waking hours: your workplace.

“To be effective as a union, we need members that are engaged, and that doesn’t happen without good two-way communication,” Clark said. “Our chapter leaders are what make that two-way communication between front-line workers and the SEA’s council and board of directors possible. Taking on chapter leadership roles gives you a chance to make real change in your workplace.”

Here is a brief description of the chapter leadership roles:

Chapter President: Presides over chapter meetings and affairs of the chapter.  Recommends appointments of stewards to the union president. Chapter presidents also represent members at council meetings and conventions.

Chapter Vice President: Fills in for the president in the event of illness or incapacitation.  Assumes the duties of the Treasurer in the absence or disability of the Treasurer.  

Chapter Treasurer:  Responsible for the chapter’s financial recordkeeping.

Chapter Secretary: Keeps the records of all official proceedings.

Chapter Councilor: Represents chapter members at council meetings and the convention.  Elected by chapter members at a ratio of one councilor for every 20 members. Councilors are vital to representing the interests and concerns of chapter members within their chapter and the union as a whole.  They also bring information back to members in their worksites from both the chapter and the larger union.

Alternate Councilor: Represents chapter members at council meetings and the convention when a councilor is unavailable.

You can find the self nomination form for chapter elections here: http://www.seiu1984.org/files/2016/11/SEA-election-notice-and-nominating-form.pdf. If you have any questions about running chapter leadership, you can send an email to Tammy Clark at tclark@seiu1984.org.

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