House Votes Thursday on Right to Work

Call Your Representative and Plan to Join Us at State House for Vote

On Wednesday after hours of testimony, House Labor Committee voted the so-called Right to Work bills (SB 11 and HB 520) Inexpedient to Legislate by a vote of 14-7. While this strong majority sends a powerful message to the full House, the fight is far from over. The bills will be heard on Thursday, February 16, at 10 a.m., and we expect a significant push from the out-of-state interests who are sponsoring this legislation. This is going to be a close vote.

The members of the NH House Labor Committee heard the hundreds of citizens who attended the hearing in opposition to the so-called Right to Work bills on Wednesday. Dozens of citizens rose in opposition to the bills during the Labor Committee hearing, providing compelling testimony on why Right to Work is wrong for New Hampshire. Key points made during the testimony include:

  • Workers in Right to Work states make about $6,000 less per year.
  • Workers in Right to Work states have inferior health and leave benefits.
  • So-called Right to Work forces dues-paying union members to bargain for and represent non-paying workers.
  • NH has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and has the 9th highest per capita personal income in the country.

It became obvious as the hearing went along this so-called Right to Work legislation is being pushed by out-of-state interests and there is no NH constituency supporting its passage. Companies are struggling to attract enough workers to fill thousands of positions across the state. Passing legislation that works to drive wages and benefits down is wrong for working families and wrong for NH.

We need your help. Call your representative today. Tell them to vote NO to these recycled, tired Right to Work bills on Thursday.

Click here to find your representative on the NH House of Representatives website.

Plan to attend the NH House vote at the Statehouse on Thursday, Feb. 16. We are rallying from 9:30-10 a.m. in front of the Statehouse to demonstrate to the representatives that we are against so-called Right to Work.

We are planning to run the shuttle vans from Hazen Drive and South Campus on Thursday, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at noon, or whenever the House votes on the bills. The shuttle on Hazen will begin at DES with stops at Fish and Game and DOT. The shuttle on South Campus begins at Main Building, run between Toby and Brown, and then Education. The shuttles will make continuous loops roughly on the half hour.

Please add your voice to the hundreds of union members who will be at the State House in opposition so-called Right to Work.

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