Make an impact on bargaining — join the CAT

Contract Action Team doesn’t require large time commitment

Collective bargaining agreements that deliver wage increases and provide benefits for working families don’t happen by magic. For any contract, there are people who helped deliver it — the bargaining team. It’s not fair to expect the team to do it alone, though. That’s where the Contract Action Team (CAT) comes in.

The Master Bargaining Team, which negotiates the master contract for the Executive Branch, requires a sizable time commitment. The CAT, however, doesn’t require as much time but allows you to make a big impact on bargaining. Here’s how it works:

  • The bargaining team puts out a request for feedback on contract items to the CAT
  • CAT members take that request to their worksites and talk with co-workers
  • After collecting feedback, CAT members report their findings

This creates a feedback loop, that gets more members involved in the bargaining process. Getting more involved will help deliver a better contract. Jim Kowalik, the president of Chapter 40, has seen the process at work.

“It’s a good vehicle for gaining additional input once things get going with negotiations,” Kowalik said. “You could see the value of giving a bigger voice to members, and using new media — the Web Ex video conferencing — seemed to help.”

The goal for the CAT is to have at least one volunteer in each worksite. From there, we’ll work with you to map out your worksite and get you involved. Kowalik said he’s ready.

“I’m looking forward to being on it again and getting more members engaged, too,” Kowalik said.

If you’d like to join him on the CAT, you can sign up here.

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