Senate approves CCSNH health care bill

On Thursday, the Senate approved SB 215, a bill that would allow CCSNH to re-enter the state health plan. The bill is only enabling legislation, meaning that it would allow the state and CCSNH to consider the change.

The change would likely be very good for CCSNH — which has struggled with increasing health care costs — and its employees. Despite this obvious benefit, there was still some opposition. After the bill was initially passed by the Senate, it was sent back to the Finance Committee where it received a recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate.” That’s where you came in.

Members reached out to senators with phone calls and emails over a period of a few weeks. When the bill came up for a vote on Thursday, the Senate first needed to overturn the committee’s recommendation, which it did. Then, by a bipartisan vote of 11-10, the Senate approved SB 215 and sent it on to the House.

Thank you to all of the members — at CCSNH and elsewhere — who made phone calls and sent emails to help get this bill passed. We should also thank the senators who supported the bill: all Democrats (with the exception of Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, who was excused) and Sens. Andy Sanborn, Dan Innis and William Gannon.

We’ll have an update once the bill is introduced in the House.

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