A power grab at the DOE


In an alarming move, Gov. Sununu’s Education Commissioner, Frank Edelblut, has moved to drastically overhaul the education department – while simultaneously executing a huge power grab.

At the request of Edelblut, Sen. John Reagan (R–District 17) introduced an amendment to vastly expand the role of the Commissioner of Education. This move would allow Edelblut an unprecedented amount of authority – despite zero previous public education experience and having only been on the job a couple months.

Even the Union Leader’s editorial page is suggesting that Edelblut slow down and “provide a more detailed road map” of how he would restructure the department. We need the Senate to give this the attention it deserves, not allow it to be rushed through at the last minute. The Senate Education Committee will hold a hearing on this bill next Tuesday — we’ll have more details in Thursday’s SEA News.

In the meantime, you can call your state senator and tell them you strongly oppose this attempt at a power grab. You can find your senator’s information here.

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