June 1, 2017 Newsletter Correction

This is a corrected version of information released in SEA News to members on June 1, 2017.

We mistakenly reported the Health Assessment Tool (HAT) along with the Healthy Rewards Program would expire June 30, 2017 based on a sunset provision in the current contract.

Although the Healthy Rewards Program IS set to expire, the HAT is NOT set to expire. This means you can continue to take advantage of the HAT (which earns $200 on an HRA debit card). The Healthy Rewards Program does have a sunset date of June 30, 2017 and will expire at that time. This could change moving forward based on the collective bargaining process however that is undetermined at this time.

We had also previously indicated that COBRA coverage would sunset. That was incorrect. COBRA is a federal program that exists outside of the collective bargaining agreement. The provision which is set to sunset is a clause to provide one month of state health coverage for employees who are laid off.

See actual contract language below:
19.8.1 (g) Health Promotion. The Employer shall provide a voluntary employee incentive program that offers payments not to exceed $300 per employee per calendar year to employees who participate in health promotion activities and programs offered by the Employer. The Employer shall consult with the Association through the Health Benefits Committee regarding the design and implementation of the program. This provision shall expire on June 30, 2017 unless mutually agreed otherwise by the parties. All approved vendors contracted with the health plan administrator shall be permitted to provide services on state premises for employees.

19.8.1 (l) A bargaining unit employee who is laid off and who elects to continue on the health plan shall not be required to submit a contribution for coverage for the first one month following lay off if the laid off employee is not eligible to retire and receive post-retirement benefits under RSA 21-I:26- 36 or RSA 100-A:52-55, and is not eligible to receive medical or healthcare coverage under another employer, as the spouse of a person covered under the plan of another employer, or the state plan as the spouse of a state employee. This provision shall expire on June 30, 2017.



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