Statement on State Budget Passage

Following the passage of New Hampshire’s state budget on June 22, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 released the following statement.

The cynical budget passed by the New Hampshire House and Senate last week abandons the Granite State’s most vulnerable residents.

Gov. Sununu’s budget prioritizes business tax cuts over promises made to state retirees. It puts tax cuts to profitable corporations before funding staff for the women’s prison. It makes tax cuts instead of funding an adequate number of case workers at DCYF to protect our most vulnerable children. This budget is an alarming step in the wrong direction – giving tax breaks to the top 3% while shoving the costs on the remaining 97% of residents.

As New Hampshire residents suffer from the devastating impacts of this budget for years to come, we must continue to remind ourselves this is not right. It’s not right to cut taxes for big businesses instead of funding workforce training programs.  

The governor claims “New Hampshire is on a pathway to prosperity.” Yes, the only groups who “prosper” in this budget are those at the top. Our elected officials need to remember New Hampshire is run by Granite Staters – and Granite Staters are exactly who this budget is leaving behind.

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