Bargaining bulletin July 20, 2017

Once the state budget was approved, legislators headed off to summer vacation. The thing everyone seems to have forgotten is that state employees never got a contract. Gov. Chris Sununu continues to say no to state employees – the people he depends on every day to keep New Hampshire running.

State employees deserve a fair contract, and we will continue to fight until we get one. Here’s a brief update on where we are, what we’ve been doing so far, and most importantly, how you can get involved.

Where we are now. Bargaining with the state is currently in the “fact-finding” phase. Fact-finding comes when negotiations and mediation fail to yield a contract agreement. In fact-finding, each side provides arguments to a neutral party, who in turn prepares a report that each side can either support or reject. If either side rejects that report, then it’s back to negotiations. You can see a visual representation of this process here.

What we’ve been doing. Our contract expired on June 30. And while most of the terms and conditions remain in effect, our bargaining team has continued to work to get a contract – first through mediation and now in preparing for fact-finding. We’ve held calls with contract action team members (CAT), are developing visibility events and planning Union Pride days in your worksite. We’ve ordered buttons for these Union Pride days. In addition, President Gulla has been vocal about Gov. Sununu’s unwillingness to cooperate with state employees. See Pres. Gulla’s interview with the Union Leader here. See his video statement here.


What’s next (how you can take action). We need to keep the pressure up on Gov. Sununu, and to do that, we need as many members involved as possible. Here’s how to help.

  1. Join the contract action team (CAT) at
  2. Tell us (and Gov. Sununu) why getting a fair contract is important to you at
  3. Commit to stand with SEA/SEIU Local 1984 and fight for a fair contract. Paper forms have been distributed during worksite visits, or you can sign up online at
    See the individuals who have already committed to fight.

We have a long road ahead of us, but as always, we’re committed to fight for you. Thank you for your continual hard work and service to the state of New Hampshire.

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