2017 Board of Directors candidates

This is a list of candidates for officer and director for the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Board of Directors. The election will be held at the annual convention in October. You can find more information on convention here.


One position  two-year term

Rich Gulla
“I am writing to tell you that I am excited to run for another term as your President. I am grateful for the confidence you have shown me.
We are living in uncertain times, with challenging state legislators, a Governor who does not recognize the worth of workers, and a Federal government that is in disarray. We are building a flexible organization that will be ready to face these challenges. I feel confident I am the person to lead us through what lies ahead. I am so very proud of your leadership and what we have done together in three short years. I ask for your vote and continued support.”


First Vice President

One position  two-year term

Ken Roos (Chapter 16)
“I would appreciate the opportunity of serving the membership of our growing union if you elect me to another term as your First Vice President. I am a strong voice for those who feel they don’t have a voice!”


Second Vice President

One position  two-year term

John Hattan (Chapter 45)
“I currently am a member of the Organization Committee and also work/volunteer to assist with ballot counting. I currently chair the Poli-Ed Committee and have always worked very closely with Tammy Clark and Mary Fields.”



One position  two-year term

Cindy Perkins (Chapter 37)
“1) I can spell and use traditional grammar. 2) I have kept minutes on an as-needed basis and I take pride in being accurate and very quick. Minutes shall be completed and submitted within one week of each meeting to allow for review at leisure.”


Dawn O’Brien (Chapter 2)
“I am proficient in transcribing, spelling, and use of traditional/non-traditional (slang, abbreviations) grammar. My proficiency with Microsoft Office excels standards as I use these programs daily. I will do my best to ensure that all minutes for the meetings will be transcribed, reviewed and submitted within 3-4 days of each meeting to allow ample time for the committee’s review. I have been a part of a very active union family for 10 and I believe that this background provides me with the knowledge needed for a successful and resourceful Union Board Member.”



One position – two-year term

Avis Crane (Chapter 5)
“I started State service in 1976 (41 years), and have been an SEA member since May 1, 1978 (39 years). I have served as a Chapter Councilor or Alternate Councilor, as well as Chapter Treasurer, for most of those years, first for Chapter 45, then for Chapter 5. I have also served on the Finance Committee since 1985, plus many years on the Constitution and Bylaws and Retirement Committees, and now on the IT Advisory Committee. Also, I started the original Dues Assistance committee, served a term on the Board of Directors back in the 1980s, and served one and a half terms on the Collective Bargaining team. I have been serving as the Association’s Treasurer since December 2015.”


Director – state

Three positions  three-year term

James Nall (Chapter 9)
“Chairman master barg. Exec. Branch – Ch 9 VP – steward – Chairman Dues Assistance – Board Director – Chairman state LMC – Member Health Benefits Comm. – Councilor.”


Phillip Burt (Chapter 45)
“I believe I possess these qualities and why I want to serve as a Director: Integrity, decisiveness, commitment, willingness to listen, remaining open and engaging and will ask and seek out information. I learn from my mistakes. I am committed to our mission our objectives and our members. As a long time member, activist, public employee I am certain I have the skills and knowledge to serve in standard you would expect from a Director on the Board.”


Corey Dearborn (Chapter 21)
“Union steward, Chapter 21 vice president and councilor, worksite LMC, current B.O.D., Fight for $15 committee, Master Bargaining Team, Sub-Unit Bargaining Team, C.A.T. member, delegate to the 2016 Quadrennial. Being on the Board of Directors was very important to me. I enjoyed being a part of the leadership of our union. I believe I’m a strong voice for our membership and will always fight for what’s right.”


Director – CCSNH

One position – three-year term

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