Member’s granddaughter needs your help

Family fundraising for service dog to help girl

Lexi Goley, 13, is the granddaughter of member Mindy Goley (Chapter 40). Like lots of girls her age, she loves reading and dancing and all things Disney. Lexi does face some challenges other kids don’t face, and for that reason, her family is reaching out for help.

Lexi Goley and Noah, her service dog.

Lexi Goley and Noah, her service dog.

Lexi is diagnosed with Down syndrome, autism and type 1 diabetes, and she could use the help of a good service dog. Thankfully, the family just met Noah, a 2-year-old English setter who’s training to be Lexi’s right-hand man. Noah will help Lexi in everyday tasks but also serves as an emotional support.

“Lexi is so excited to have a dog that can go with her everywhere, including her weekly dance class,” Mindy Goley said.  “We cannot wait to welcome our new family member full time.”

As you might imagine, the training for a service dog is quite expensive, and this is where the request for help comes in. The family is looking to raise $8,000 to cover the costs of training, and is currently a little more than a quarter of the way there. Will you help them reach their goal? You can make a donation here.

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