Contact your representative on HB 438 today

Members of the House have pulled HB 438 — the “paycheck deception bill” — from the consent calendar, meaning it will get an individual vote. That vote could happen as soon as Jan. 4 or 11. HB 438 prohibits public employees from having union dues deducted from their paycheck, a direct attack on public employees and the unions they’ve built.

This bill came out of committee with a vote of 19-0 ITL (inexpedient to legislate) and it should be an easy decision for representatives voting on it. This bill is nothing but a blatant attack on public employees: it solves no real problems, creates no jobs and brings in no new revenue.

It’s union-busting, plain and simple.

We need you to contact your representative immediately — preferably with a phone call, as they tend to be more effective. You can find contact information for your representatives here.

You can find talking points on HB 438 here.

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