Talking points on HB 438

Members of the NH House pulled HB 438 from the consent calendar for an individual vote. HB 438 prohibits all public employers from deducting union dues from paychecks. It received a 19-0 vote in Labor committee as Inexpedient to Legislate and was included in the consent calendar for a routine vote to confirm the committee vote.

This bill creates no jobs and solves no challenges facing the state. Its one purpose is to weaken unions by reducing the dues we are able to collect. Fewer dues equals fewer resources dedicated to gaining and protecting wages and benefits for hard-working public servants. In states where such laws have passed, unions have lost power at the bargaining table and public employers have slashed benefits.

We need members to call their representatives to ask them to reject this bill. Here are some talking points to help get the conversation started:

  • HB 438 is government intrusion into a contractual relationship between employers and employees. This is a clear attack on democratic freedoms and constitutional rights that every New Hampshire legislator should oppose.
  • Payroll deductions are not forced on employees and employers. This is a subject of bargaining and is always negotiated between the employer and members. NH law allows an employee to provide written authorization to his or her employer to voluntarily deduct union dues from the paycheck.
  • HB 438 has no public policy benefit. The bill creates no jobs, solves no challenge facing the state and serves only to hurt public sector employees and unions representing them. This is nothing more than a political attack by majority leadership and a clear infringement of personal liberty of law-abiding citizens of the Granite State.
  • The bill creates no new rights or freedoms for union members to control their paychecks. Union members already have numerous rights regarding how their money is spent, whether or not to join a union, the election of union leaders and the setting of dues amount.
  • The bill singles out public sector union members.  All other payroll deductions for insurance companies, charities and credit unions are allowed. The bill solely targets union members and their employers who have bargained the use of payroll deduction to pay for voluntary membership dues.
  • The bill will not save money. Payroll deductions for union dues impose no costs on the general public beyond the costs of the existing payroll systems. It is all automated and the system already makes deductions for health insurance, taxes, pension plans and other programs for which employees provide written authorization.
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