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We’re seeking candidates for member release program

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Organization Committee is excited to announce we are seeking candidates for our member release program! We have secured funding from SEIU for release of a member from work for a period of 12 months at the SEA office. The member release position will participate in our internal organizing program to build power and capacity in our union.

Detailed information can be found in the Guiding Principles on our website. Here are a few of the basics:

Who? Any SEA member can apply. Simply go to our website, review the program guidelines and complete an application. Chapter leaders are encouraged to nominate a candidate using the nomination form.

What is the pay rate? The pay rate is $49,147.76 annually. This is a professional, exempt position.

What are the work hours? Hours will vary but will not exceed 40 hours a week. Some nights and weekends will be required. Schedule will be flexible and allowances for adjusting hours will be made.

How does the release work? Depending on the language in the applicable collective bargaining agreement, there may be a release clause. For example, the State of NH Executive Branch allows for release of an employee for two years. Pay and benefits continue to be paid by the employer, reimbursed by the union. The exceptions are leave accrual and retirement payments (which stop upon release.) Note: Individual circumstances will be reviewed and clearly communicated for those interested in applying.

What is the selection process? The recruitment period will be open from January 10 through January 24. Members may self-nominate or be nominated by a chapter leader. In either case, a completed application form must be submitted. The Organization Committee will establish a selection committee to review each application and check on all contractual issues with the applicant’s employer, and conduct interviews. One or more names will be submitted to the SEA president for final approval.

When will this happen? The recruitment process is open through January 24, 2018.  A final selection will be made by February 5. The selected candidate will start once all necessary arrangements have been made with their employer.

Please feel free to nominate members you believe would make excellent candidates.

Contact John Thyng at with any questions.

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