The Janus case and what it means to us

So-called right to work case goes before the Supreme Court

Update (June 25): As the Supreme Court term comes to a close, we’re still waiting on an opinion in the Janus case. The post below gives some background on the case and how it will impact working people. 

On February 26th, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Janus v. AFSCME case. Similar to the Friedrich’s case from two years ago, the Janus case is part of a long line of special interest attacks on working people’s right to organize. Remember that just last year, Gov. Sununu made right to work his top legislative priority, and, thanks to the efforts of our members and allies, we were able to defeat the bill. However, right to work advocates are representing Janus and legal experts believe that given the current political leanings of the Supreme Court they will likely find in favor of Janus. This would create a national right to work environment for public sector unions and be a devastating blow to working families.

This case could leave us a right-to-work nation within just a few months. What could this mean for you?

  • Loss of negotiating power

  • Decreased wages

  • Increased healthcare costs

  • Decline in advocacy for critical services

We know this can happen because we’ve seen it in Wisconsin. In pushing for right to work and fighting the state employee contract tooth and nail, it’s clear that our governor wants to copy Wisconsin’s attack on working families. In fact, after Gov. Sununu lost the right to work legislative fight, he told our bargaining team “No wage increase for you.”

The answer to these attacks on unions is to stay united. Union membership needs to be an active sport: sign up your co-workers, join committees, become a leader and reach out to us on ways that you can become involved.

If Janus succeeds, we are STILL compelled to represent non-members. This means non-members will continue to receive union benefits, even if they are no longer contributing. We will be forced to do the same amount of work with less resources. Make no mistake: this is an attack on workers and their families through an assault on unions.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to destroy unions, the goal is to take power from the working class. Please stand with us.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re not a member, join today.

  • Help us build political power by contributing a few dollars a week to SEAPAC.

  • Make sure you stay connected by updating your contact information.

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