Reminder: State contract has bad weather provision

Bargaining team negotiated liberal leave clause

When inclement weather strikes, businesses and schools may close, but state offices rarely do. Several years ago, we worked within the collective bargaining process to negotiate a liberal leave provision for state employees that applies in such situations.

The exact language is below and can be found in Article X 10.8 of the Executive Branch CBA:

Inclement Weather: The Employer shall not arbitrarily or capriciously withhold approval of annual leave requested due to and during periods of severe inclement weather. When the Governor or his/her designee determines that inclement weather is severe enough to close or delay opening State offices, employees who are not already on leave and who are relieved of work due to such a determination, will not be charged leave for the period of closure. Employees who do report to work during periods of closure shall only be entitled to their normal rate of compensation and shall not receive additional leave or compensatory time.

We appreciate that some agencies have made this information readily available to their employees. With more storms possibly on the way, we want to ensure you know your rights and work with your supervisor to communicate your leave time use.

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