Supreme Court finds for SEA in CCSNH case

Concord, NH — SEA/SEIU Local 1984 celebrates a significant win today as the NH Supreme Court ruled in favor of adjunct faculties’ right to collectively bargain the wage for tutoring services as part of their collective bargaining agreement with the Community College System of New Hampshire’s decision (CCSNH). Additionally, the Court found that the adjunct faculty member who lost tutoring income resulting from his participation in collective bargaining negotiations must be compensated.

Rick Watrous, the adjunct faculty member who was directly impacted by CCSNH’s decision to withhold wages during collective bargaining, welcomed the decision.

“I hope this ruling encourages CCSNH to treat its adjunct faculty more fairly,” said Rick Watrous.I tutored in the writing center for seven years and can attest to the fact that my colleagues and I dedicated countless tutoring hours to our students. It means a great deal to me that the community system will now recognize tutoring wages as part of collective bargaining and that others will no longer be excluded from being compensated for participating in the bargaining process the way I was.”

“It still amazes me and saddens me that CCSNH spent a great deal of money fighting this case all the way to the NH Supreme Court to avoid paying me $88. That money could have been better spent on CCSNH’s workers and students.”

The NH Supreme Court overturned the PELRB’s initial ruling and cited a previous court case Appeal of Berlin Education Association as a basis for their decision. The case has been remanded to the PELRB so that it may conduct proceedings consistent with the Court’s opinion.

“The Court rightly found that CCSNH failed to bargain in good faith and failed to uphold established case law. This win is for the adjunct faculty and we celebrate their victory,” said SEA President Richard Gulla.

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