Executive Branch 2018 Tentative Agreement Info

The SEA has a new contract

Today volunteers from SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Chapter 1 tallied ballots for the Executive Branch tentative agreement. Thousands of ballot envelopes were received and members voted to ratify the agreement by an overwhelming majority.

We want to thank the members of the Master Bargaining Team, whose extraordinary efforts for over nearly two years brought about this agreement. We want to thank the Bargaining Senate for the thoughtful dialogue provided during last month’s meeting, when they voted to send this TA to our members for ratification. And finally, we want to thank all of our members. Your active participation and commitment to our union are what makes us strong. Regardless of how you voted, the State of NH has received yet another strong confirmation that SEA members are engaged and they VOTE.

The next biennial contract negotiations will start around October – November and we intend to go back to the negotiating table with whomever the next elected governor may be.  Under normal circumstances, the negotiating process should yield us a contract by early 2019. In light of the unnecessary duration that these past negotiations underwent, it is our expectation that the next administration does not use a 300 day impasse before finally agreeing to a contract for state employees.

To learn more about the tentative agreement, please visit our FAQ page.

To read the tentative agreement in full, please access it here. Please note that the individual dates listed on each article reflect the culmination of the past year and half of negotiations.

To read the factfinder’s report, please click here.

To find a list of site visits and regional meetings on the tentative agreement, please click here.

Please note: This Fact Finder’s report is being provided for reference only. The fact-finding process acted as the catalyst that led the governors office to realize that offering no cost-of-living adjustments was an untenable position. This report was used as a tool by the bargaining teams to reach a Tentative Agreement, and at this point, the report has no legal significance, even though it is an important footnote in the history of these negotiations. At this stage, regardless of the action taken by the members on the ratification vote of the Tentative Agreement, the report is not subject to a vote by the members, and cannot be imposed by the Union or the State unilaterally.

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