Senate Approves Contract Funding


Last night, the Senate amended a bill, HB 1817, to include funding for the tentative agreement that SEA/SEIU Local 1984 has negotiated with the state.

“Given the legislative time constraints that we’ve been under, I give tremendous credit to Bargaining Senate members who took the time to come in on short notice last week and cast their vote,” SEA President Richard Gulla said. “Members who elected their colleagues to represent them can feel confident that the SEA Senate weighed all the pros and cons of the tentative agreement before deciding to send it to members.”

Thursday was the last session day in which the House or Senate could make a change to a bill outside of the committee of conference process. On Monday the Senate Finance Committee recommended SEA’s tentative agreement for funding, which was a necessary step in progressing toward a funded contract.

The situation should be resolved by May 24, the last day for the legislature to act on committee of conference reports.  In the interim, it is up to the members to decide whether to ratify the agreement.


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