Health Buzz: Working rate holiday coming soon

Occasionally, when those covered by the state employee health plan spend less than anticipated, employees get what’s known as a working rate holiday. What this means, in short, is that subscribers can expect to see more take-home pay in the May 25 paycheck. The amount varies just a bit depending on your normal deduction.

This is all made possible by state employees making good use of programs such as Vitals SmartShopper and Anthem’s Health Assessment Test to bend the cost curve downward. So, good work!

The following is the message sent to state employees about the working rate holiday:

Active employees, not including New Hampshire Trooper Association employees, enrolled in a HMO or POS health plan as of March 31, 2018 will receive the health benefit working rate holiday in the May 25th paycheck in an amount equal to 1.29 times the employee’s normal biweekly health plan deduction.  Employees will see their normal biweekly deductions under Deductions on their paycheck remittance detail. You will also see the health benefit working rate holiday credit as a negative deduction amount, labeled HLTHHOLE. A negative deduction is, in fact, a payment that will increase your gross pay and therefore taxable income.

Employees who have any questions regarding the health benefit working rate holiday should contact their human resources and/or payroll staff.


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