New Executive Branch contract information

The new collective bargaining agreement between the state and SEA/SEIU Local 1984 covering Executive Branch employees has been signed and is now in effect. You can find information on the new agreement below:

Contract: You can find a signed version of the new contract here.

Short-term disability plan: You can read more about the state’s new short-term disability plan here. You can find a frequently asked questions section here. Please note that question #14 will be changed to show that all leave usage is available, not just annual. This will go into effect Jan. 1.

Health rewards: Anthem’s Healthy Rewards is once again active. You can find information here.

More information: Our informational page on the tentative agreement, which includes frequently asked questions and other information on the TA, has been archived here.

If you have questions on the new contract, or are interested in getting involved in the upcoming round of bargaining, you can email Randy Hunneyman at  ​

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