Information on change to state retiree insurance

Transition to Medicare Advantage plan will happen on Jan. 1

At its June 20 meeting, the Executive Council approved a change to the insurance plan for retired state employees, shifting the nearly 10,000 Medicare-eligible state retirees to a Medicare Advantage plan. The change will take effect on Jan. 1 and is expected to offer $11.8 million in savings for the state. In the meantime, the state will work with Anthem to get important information to retirees.

The state has provided a frequently asked questions document for the change, which you can find here. The Monitor also answered some of the questions that came up when state officials met with Chapter 1 members at a recent meeting. You can find that Monitor article here.

As a reminder, the SEA has a staffer to help with health benefits questions. You can contact him at  


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