Nominations open for Executive Branch bargaining team

The next collective bargaining cycle for the Executive Branch is set to begin soon, which means it’s time to elect a new Master Bargaining Team. The following information is being sent by email to all members in good standing in the Executive Branch. You can click here to nominate yourself for the bargaining team. To learn more, read on:

Overview of the Executive Branch Bargaining Team:

One of the most important and challenging responsibilities that any union member can undertake is serving on a contract bargaining team. The role of a bargaining team member is to advocate for the issues and concerns that the general union membership wants to see included in their contract agreement with the employer.

All executive branch members in good standing have the opportunity to run for the master bargaining team. There are no prior experience requirements. All elected bargaining team members receive special training on negotiating techniques and the bargaining process. 

Executive Branch Bargaining Team Expectations:

The collective bargaining cycle begins on September 1, 2018. During the bargaining cycle members of the master team can expect to attend bargaining and preparation sessions one to two days a week. Bargaining team members contractually receive release time from their regular work assignments to participate in these sessions. Bargaining sessions are often conducted during regular daytime work hours, but some limited evening hours will be required to attend bargaining advisory meetings and preparation sessions.

Master Bargaining Team Election Process:

The executive branch bargaining team is made up of fifteen state employee members. Eleven of these positions are filled by election. Team elections will be on August 6, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the meeting of the Collective Bargaining Senate (Dept. of Environmental Services, 29 Hazen Drive Concord NH)

State employee members who are interested in being elected to serve on the master bargaining team have to fill out and submit a nomination form. The nomination forms are available online here. Members have the option of completing the form either electronically or by printing the form and returning it by mail. Please note that mailed forms need to be postmarked no later than August 2nd 2018. 

At the August bargaining senate meeting, nominees will be individually introduced by the SEA/SEIU 1984 chairperson of bargaining and the nominees will be provided a three-minute opportunity to address the bargaining senate members on why they think they would be a good choice for election to the bargaining team. *Nominees are encouraged to be present at the bargaining senate meeting but may have an advocate speak on their behalf if they cannot attend.

If you would like to receive a paper nomination form or have questions, please contact Jim Nall at 764-1042 or by e-mail at

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