NH represented in national dialogue

President Gulla

President Gulla speaks at the Workers’ Day event held in front of the State House in partnership with faith groups.

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 is pleased to announce President Richard Gulla’s appointment to the SEIU Public Services Division Executive Committee. The committee is comprised of 15 leaders appointed by SEIU’s Executive Vice President, Heather Conroy, and represents 700,000 members in over 30 SEIU locals nationwide.

“We are thrilled to have New Hampshire represented,” Heather Conroy said. “The Granite State has successfully beaten attacks against labor multiple times and there’s a strong interest from other locals to learn more from New Hampshire’s experiences.“

The Executive Committee is tasked with developing strategic programs that represent and fund the services that public service employees deliver. In addition, the committee works to:  create an economy that works for all; hold elected officials accountable; safeguard the right to collective bargaining; demand a well-funded public sector that creates a safe working environment; and legislative and policy successes that benefit working families. This framework stems from the 2016 Transforming Government for Working Families resolution, adopted at the SEIU convention.

“I am so proud to represent my fellow Granite Staters,” President Gulla said. “With the help and activism of our members, our 2017 legislative wins were incredible feats for our working people and retirees despite the challenging political environment we faced. And in spite of this governor’s attempts, we were still able to bargain a cost of living increase for many state employees. These types of success stories are at the very core of the resolution’s goals.”

The committee convenes remotely every month, and meets in person every quarter.

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