Endorsement: Natch Greyes for Grafton county attorney

NGHeadshotThe State Employees’ Association is pleased to endorse Natch Greyes, SEA member, for Grafton county attorney. As the prosecutor for the town of Littleton, Sugar Hill, and Franconia, Greyes has been instrumental in identifying the needs of his community and working with law enforcement, the court system, and private organizations to improve the quality of life for all.

He helped pass legislation that gives law enforcement the tools they need to combat human trafficking. His work as a prosecutor has given him a holistic perspective in tackling the opioid crisis, including advocating for alternative sentencing programs that are cost effective for the community and help rehabilitate the user, along with expanding Grafton’s drug court to include early intervention in its approach.

As an SEA member, Greyes is active in his chapter, having served in various leadership roles, and is currently president of Chapter 57.

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