Bargaining Senate picks new Executive Branch bargaining team


On Thursday evening, the Executive Branch Collective Bargaining Senate met to elect the bargaining team for the next round of negotiations with the state. The team will get to work quickly, with the early stages of bargaining set to start soon.

Those elected to the team on Thursday, joining bargaining Chair Jim Nall, include:

  • Leah McKenna
  • Betty Thomas
  • Alisa Druzba
  • Linda Huard
  • Heather Fairchild
  • Andy Newcomb
  • Shannon Perkins
  • Daniel Brennan
  • Corey Dearborn
  • David Rys
  • Jenny Robles

We thank all who came forward to run for the bargaining team and thank those who voted Thursday night.

The work of negotiating a contract and having it supported by the Legislature will require lots of work, not just by the team, but by all Executive Branch members. There will be numerous opportunities for members to provide input and take action, so keep an eye on your email.

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