Response to spending question from SEA Treasurer Avis Crane

Dear members,

It was wonderful to participate from Berlin at our quarterly Council meeting last week. I’ve heard from a few of you that some of my answers were not audible to members at the remote site concerning the legal defense savings account as noted on the Treasurer’s Report.

For clarification, as reported in the Finance Committee minutes from March 6, 2018, the committee considered an expenditure to represent a member who needed legal expertise that we could not supply in-house. The member’s name and exact circumstances were not discussed in order to preserve that member’s confidentiality, but it was made clear that it was a rank-and-file member, not a member of the Board. The committee decided to recommend an expenditure up to $9,999.00, to provide an absolute upper limit to the expenditure. The amount chosen has no specific significance to the SEA, since any unbudgeted expense over $5,000.00 must be approved by the Board.

The committee voted to take this request to the Board (moved by Ken Roos and seconded by John Amrol), and to recommend that, if approved, the money be transferred from our legal defense savings account. As recorded in the March 15th Board minutes, that motion was made by Avis Crane, and was duly seconded, after the Board had met in executive session to discuss the confidential details of the request. The motion to “transfer up to $9999 from the legal defense fund savings acct (line 1024) to outside firms (line 5710) for the purpose of representing a member” was passed.

Thank you,
Avis Crane


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