Ahead of elections, here’s a look at chapter roles

With chapter elections approaching early next year for some SEA/SEIU Local 1984 chapters, we wanted to provide some basic information on chapter elections and chapter leader roles.

When are elections held: All SEA chapters are required to hold elections for chapter leaders at least every two years. Depending on the chapter’s bylaws, some hold elections yearly while others hold elections every other year. All chapters that have elections coming up in 2019 will receive a notification of elections from the SEA office in the coming weeks, followed by candidate nomination forms. We’ll have more information in upcoming editions of SEA News. 

Who is elected: In chapter elections, members elect a president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary, councilors and alternate councilors (some chapters, such as our retiree chapter, have different positions). Most chapters elect one president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, but the number of councilors and alternate councilors varies depending on the size of the chapter. Chapter leaders ensure that chapters are functioning properly and that members’ concerns are represented at the highest levels of the organization.

Here is a breakdown of chapter leaders’ roles:


Goal: Ensure chapter is functioning properly

  • Organize and run at least 4 chapter meetings/year
  • Participate in monthly President’s call
  • Welcome new members and new employees
  • Attend council, Bargaining Senate meetings and convention
  • Nominate stewards
  • Ensure chapter nomination committee is established
  • Appoint chapter standing committees as needed
Vice President

Goal: Assist the president in strengthening the chapter using your skills and talents

  • Fill in for president
  • Strategize tactics for increasing chapter membership
  • Attend all chapter meetings
  • Assist President with duties as needed

Goal: Oversee the management and reporting of a chapter’s finances

  • Transact all business through a bank or the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 account
  • Receive all quarterly dues statements for the chapter
  • Issue all checks/requests for withdrawal of funds and present them to the chapter President or other authorized officer for countersignature
  • Maintain appropriate accounting and other financial records covering the receipt and disbursement of all chapter funds
  • Prepare financial reports for presentation to the chapter at business meetings or whenever specifically requested

Goal: Serve as the link between chapter and SEA office

  • Records and submits meeting minutes
  • Attend all chapter meetings
  • Update SEA mailing list and notify SEA of any member contact changes

Goal: Increase communication between members and SEA leadership

  • Attend chapter meetings, quarterly council meetings, convention, and Bargaining Senate meetings
  • Gather input from council meetings
Alternate Councilor

Goal: Increase communication between members and SEA leadership

  • Fill in for Councilor when needed and assist him/her in sharing information from the council with members
  • Gather input and share information from council meetings
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