All In to Win

Nearly 100 members of the SEA Council unanimously adopted three recommendations at the third quarterly Council meeting on Thursday, June 21 at the Grappone Center in Concord.

Members of the delegation that attended the SEIU International Convention earlier this month reported on their experiences there and shared some of the highlights and recommendations that were adopted by the SEIU’s governing body. Some key takeaways included:

  • Adopting a vision for a Just Society
  • Tackling economic inequality/pay fair share
  • Uniting more workers to win good jobs
  • Engaging members more deeply – the 99%
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Supporting healthcare for all
  • Establishing a fair path to citizenship for immigrants

Following this conversation, members discussed and voted on ways SEA/SEIU1984 can fulfill these goals. President Diana Lacey said to the attendees “Whether we like it or not, our families’ futures are tied to an economic fight that is bigger than our organization and any of our contracts. We must take our place in the fight and take it to the streets. We must gain the support of politicians, our neighbors and allies. This is a fight none of us can afford to lose. ARE YOU ALL IN TO WIN?!

The Council responded with a resounding YES by approving the All In It to Win campaign and the following recommendations:

  • Create a statewide contract campaign & increase member density to 80%
  • All members will be called upon to contribute between $5 per pay period ($10 per month) to our political strength fund – SEA PAC
  • All members will be called upon to contribute four hours a month of their time in “All In To Win” activities

You will be hearing more about this campaign in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned.

Let it be known that 100% of Chapter 19’s Councilors were in attendance and Chapter 45 had the greatest overall number of attendees!

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