Thank you to our member organizers

In 2017, we saw our union continue to grow and new members take the lead in all parts of the organization. One of the parts we’re proudest of seeing members take the lead is in bringing new members into the organization. We want to thank the 67 current members who recruited new members in 2017:

Erika Anderson

Denise Bergeron

Anna Biron

Garrett Boes

Robert Bowen

Daniel Brennan

James Brown

Edward Bugbee

Evelynn Camaione

Michael Cheever

Marcia Chin

Jennifer Chislett

Kathleen Cintavey

Carrie Corneau

Daniel Coughlin

Avis Crane

Darlene Davis

Richard de Seve

Melissa Delorey

Carole Dennis

Michael Derderian

Joel Dinsmoor

Tamara Feener

Eric Ferren

Mary Fields

Denise Froton

James Gardiner

Norman Girouard

Ray Gordon III

Natch Greyes

Jonathan Hebert

Paula Hennessey

Philip Inwood

Amanda Johnson

Traci Knieriemen

Eli Krause

Kearston Laferte

Joshua Landry

Linda Lassonde

Terry Locke Jr

Germano Martins

Kathleen Mayo

Burrett McBee

Leah McKenna

Kevin McMahon

Denise Michaud

John Morin

Jessica Morton

Tammy Nagle

James Nall

Jeremy Nicol

Joseph Pelchat

Sylvie Pratte

Catherine Raymond

Jason Rella

Ken Roos

Ann Saltmarsh

Andrew Seibert

Elmer Sevier Jr

Shelley Sheehan

Patrick Shultz

Alan Soucy

Joy Tardif

Katrina Taylor

Cheryl Towne

Melissa Valyou

Frank Wike

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Welcome new members from December

We know there is strength in numbers, so it’s important that as a union, we continue to grow. Last month, 161 members joined our union. We welcome them and look forward to their involvement.

Here are all of our new members from the month of December:

Usha Chhetri

Juanita Jackson

Robert Sweeney

Mai Courtemanche

Jeff Atwood

Charles Hendrickson

Kearstin Day

Kyle Dow

Patricia Colby

Monique Sherburne

Olivia Bell

Jonathan Saucier

Jessica Goulart

William Moir

Bruce Lavoy

Robert Fratus

Ellen-Marie Wilson

Lukas Thurston

Adam Smith

Rusty Gagne

Connor McCallum

Paul Gourdreau

Donald Adams

Ryan Ferguson

Bruce Owen

Sonya Dupuis

Jessica Leonard

Cody Mock

Allyson Clary

Mary Bauchiero

Patrick Hannigan

Tyler Manville

Jonathan McNamara

Timothy Ford

Christine McClure

James Watson

Caitlyn MacKenzie

Trisha Donadio

Debra Yurcak

Monique Michaud

Karley Colbert

Jennifer Noel

Christopher Marino

Janice-Ann Sinclair

Kelly Lacasse

Charles O’Leary

Denise Robarge

Donovan Burleigh

Peter Boulton

Liam Hurley

Benjamin Eosue

Kerry Giglio

Carl Harris Jr

William Robson

Dana Jennings

Karrie Finemore

Michael Devoe

Frederick Aumann

Jedediah Jackson

Brenda Leonard

Glenn Martin

Dean Fancy

Jocelyn Pike

David Newton

Brenda Merrill

Susan Lambert

Joshua Pellegrino

Mary Holladay

Robert Walsh Jr

JoAnne Murphy

Matthew Willmer

Alan Gaspardino

Ashley Weeks

Ashley Weeks

Barbara Welch

Richard Burbank

Kimberly Camire

Christopher Black

Peter McClure

Robin Heiser

Brianna Proulx

Heather Young

Tyler Spainhower

John Coombs

Cynthia Riley

Adam Schickling

Diego Ramirez

Linda Doucett

Caitlin Scanlon

Emilly Eckert

Diane Grenier

Staci Van Curen

Taylor Zukowski

Korrinne Nickless

Jessica Lessard

Caleb Thompson

Stacey Summers

Courtney Styles

James Peters

Jessica Olen

Jayson Bowes

Leighton Thompson

Vicki Lynn Simonds

Thomas Atwell

Cynthia Stokes

Lisa McInnis

Peter Rowe

Krystal Ordway

Ashley Miller

Annika O’Rourke

Cornelia McCarthy

Patrick Barclay

Thomas Kelly

Michael Anifant

Collin Dagostino

Catherine Herbert

Theodore Guinard

Shawn Looney

Alexandra Stone

Catherine Garland

Nicole Cravedi

Cameron Fazekas

Charis Goujon

Katherine Mercauto

Daniel Bisson

Emily Mazzoni

Larissa Patnode

Danielle Palmer

Savannah Robert

Joshua Staten

Adam Teger

Gabrielle Lahue

Daniel Uribe

Bob Therrien

Danielle Bilodeau

Madden Healy

John Byrne

Kathleen Basanta

Juliet Lord

Dustin Dilger

Brandon Scarborough

Adam Hunneyman

Wayne Desrochers

Tricia Colby

Christian Lassor

Jonathan Byam

Robert Walker

Kimberly Porter

Raymond Waterhouse

John Arruda

Stephen Miller

Tracy Hanson

Paul Sampson

Matthew Wiggins

Justin Litchfield Dole

Joshua Rosselli

Stacy Carter

Gloria Mazzaglia

Catherine Hoffman

Heather Dubriske

Stephen Vitale

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Members — we want you to work with us

We’re seeking candidates for member release program

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Organization Committee is excited to announce we are seeking candidates for our member release program! We have secured funding from SEIU for release of a member from work for a period of 12 months at the SEA office. The member release position will participate in our internal organizing program to build power and capacity in our union.

Detailed information can be found in the Guiding Principles on our website. Here are a few of the basics:

Who? Any SEA member can apply. Simply go to our website, review the program guidelines and complete an application. Chapter leaders are encouraged to nominate a candidate using the nomination form.

What is the pay rate? The pay rate is $49,147.76 annually. This is a professional, exempt position.

What are the work hours? Hours will vary but will not exceed 40 hours a week. Some nights and weekends will be required. Schedule will be flexible and allowances for adjusting hours will be made.

How does the release work? Depending on the language in the applicable collective bargaining agreement, there may be a release clause. For example, the State of NH Executive Branch allows for release of an employee for two years. Pay and benefits continue to be paid by the employer, reimbursed by the union. The exceptions are leave accrual and retirement payments (which stop upon release.) Note: Individual circumstances will be reviewed and clearly communicated for those interested in applying.

What is the selection process? The recruitment period will be open from January 10 through January 24. Members may self-nominate or be nominated by a chapter leader. In either case, a completed application form must be submitted. The Organization Committee will establish a selection committee to review each application and check on all contractual issues with the applicant’s employer, and conduct interviews. One or more names will be submitted to the SEA president for final approval.

When will this happen? The recruitment process is open through January 24, 2018.  A final selection will be made by February 5. The selected candidate will start once all necessary arrangements have been made with their employer.

Please feel free to nominate members you believe would make excellent candidates.

Contact John Thyng at with any questions.

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Talking points on HB 438

Members of the NH House pulled HB 438 from the consent calendar for an individual vote. HB 438 prohibits all public employers from deducting union dues from paychecks. It received a 19-0 vote in Labor committee as Inexpedient to Legislate and was included in the consent calendar for a routine vote to confirm the committee vote.

This bill creates no jobs and solves no challenges facing the state. Its one purpose is to weaken unions by reducing the dues we are able to collect. Fewer dues equals fewer resources dedicated to gaining and protecting wages and benefits for hard-working public servants. In states where such laws have passed, unions have lost power at the bargaining table and public employers have slashed benefits.

We need members to call their representatives to ask them to reject this bill. Here are some talking points to help get the conversation started:

  • HB 438 is government intrusion into a contractual relationship between employers and employees. This is a clear attack on democratic freedoms and constitutional rights that every New Hampshire legislator should oppose.
  • Payroll deductions are not forced on employees and employers. This is a subject of bargaining and is always negotiated between the employer and members. NH law allows an employee to provide written authorization to his or her employer to voluntarily deduct union dues from the paycheck.
  • HB 438 has no public policy benefit. The bill creates no jobs, solves no challenge facing the state and serves only to hurt public sector employees and unions representing them. This is nothing more than a political attack by majority leadership and a clear infringement of personal liberty of law-abiding citizens of the Granite State.
  • The bill creates no new rights or freedoms for union members to control their paychecks. Union members already have numerous rights regarding how their money is spent, whether or not to join a union, the election of union leaders and the setting of dues amount.
  • The bill singles out public sector union members.  All other payroll deductions for insurance companies, charities and credit unions are allowed. The bill solely targets union members and their employers who have bargained the use of payroll deduction to pay for voluntary membership dues.
  • The bill will not save money. Payroll deductions for union dues impose no costs on the general public beyond the costs of the existing payroll systems. It is all automated and the system already makes deductions for health insurance, taxes, pension plans and other programs for which employees provide written authorization.
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Contact your representative on HB 438 today

Members of the House have pulled HB 438 — the “paycheck deception bill” — from the consent calendar, meaning it will get an individual vote. That vote could happen as soon as Jan. 4 or 11. HB 438 prohibits public employees from having union dues deducted from their paycheck, a direct attack on public employees and the unions they’ve built.

This bill came out of committee with a vote of 19-0 ITL (inexpedient to legislate) and it should be an easy decision for representatives voting on it. This bill is nothing but a blatant attack on public employees: it solves no real problems, creates no jobs and brings in no new revenue.

It’s union-busting, plain and simple.

We need you to contact your representative immediately — preferably with a phone call, as they tend to be more effective. You can find contact information for your representatives here.

You can find talking points on HB 438 here.

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Once again, OSC helps Christmas happen

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members pose for a photo during Truck Day 2017, when gifts collected through our Operation Santa Claus program are distributed to children across the state. You can see a gallery of photos here.

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members pose for a photo during Truck Day 2017, when gifts collected through our Operation Santa Claus program are distributed to children across the state. You can see a gallery of photos here.

In the span of a few hours Wednesday morning, volunteers loaded gifts for more than 2,700 children in trucks to be delivered across the state.

Just like that, Christmas happened for thousands of children across the state.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that. Operation Santa Claus – a volunteer run group of SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members– is a massive community effort. Wednesday was OSC’s Truck Day, when a busload of National Guard troops joined OSC volunteers to load gifts into trucks. Guard troops then trucked the gifts to DHHS district offices, where they’ll be unloaded and sorted so caseworkers can get them to kids in time for the holiday. (You can see a gallery of photos from the event here)

Along with National Guard troops and our own volunteers, we were joined by special guests Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, Adjutant General David Mikolaities, and Miss NH Lauren Percy. Our good friends at WMUR – who sponsor children themselves – were there to cover Truck Day, as well. (You can watch their report here) We appreciate all who took time out to be with us.

It’s tough to describe how much of a community effort Operation Santa Claus is. It’s a process that involves a lot of love, hundreds of DHHS caseworkers, thousands of sponsors, and a whole lot of time. Our volunteers – many of whom are retirees – give so generously of their time. Thanks to all of this, OSC again delivered for children around the state.

Drawing winner

For the last four years, OSC has held a drawing for some piece of high-tech gear – this year, it was a 50-inch television. We held the drawing at Truck Day on Wednesday, and the winner is:

Kathleen Weber, an SEA member at the Department of Environmental Services

Congratulations, Kathleen, and thank you to all who bought raffle tickets!

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Chapters holding elections in 2018

The following chapters are holding elections in 2018. You can find information on running for chapter office here.

Chapter 1 – Retirees

Chapter 2 – Labor

Chapter 3 – DOT

Chapter 9 – Glencliff

Chapter 10 – Liquor Commission

Chapter 12 – Seabrook

Chapter 14 –  Manchester Community College

Chapter 17 – DOT

Chapter 20 – Concord area

Chapter 26 – Rochester

Chapter 29 – Great Bay Community Colelge

Chapter 30 – Plymouth State Teaching Lecturers

Chapter 32 – CCSNH adjunct faculty

Chapter 33 – Northern Correctional Facility

Chapter 35 – Derry Police Supervisors

Chapter 37 – Employment Security

Chapter 40 – State Police civilians

Chapter 41 – Seacoast regional

Chapter 43 – DRED – Franconia Notch State Park

Chapter 44 – Education

Chapter 49 – Franklin

Chapter 52 – Strafford Corrections

Chapter 56 – Belknap County

Chapter 57 – Littleton Police

Chapter 60 – Keene regional

Chapter 64 – Bedford Police

Chapter 67 – Derry PATE

Chapter 69 – Laconia

Chapter 70 – Hampton Highway Department

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Special election for Board of Directors

There will be a special election for the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Board of Directors at the March Council meeting. The special election is needed to fill the seat vacated when John Hattan was elected Second Vice President. This election will fill out the remainder of a three-year term, which ends this fall.

Any interested candidates must submit a self-nomination form by no later than 5 p.m. on Feb. 6. The March Council meeting will be on Saturday, March 10.

A special election notice, which includes the self-nomination form, was sent to all eligible members. You can also find a pdf version on that form here.

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Reminder: Council meeting in Concord and Berlin

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 December Council meeting is set for Monday, Dec. 11. The central location for the meeting is the DES auditorium at 29 Hazen Drive in Concord, but we’ll also have the satellite location available in Berlin at White Mountains Community College, in Room 137.

Our guest speaker for this meeting is Manchester’s Mayor-elect Joyce Craig.

If you’re attending in Concord, we’ll have a light dinner starting at 5:30 p.m., with the meeting starting at 7 p.m.

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Retirewise to return in January

Retirewise is scheduled to return to Concord early next year. Starting in January, SEA members will have access to a step-by-step approach to creating a realistic financial and retirement strategy.

The four-part course is scheduled for Jan. 9, 16, 23 and 30 from 6-8 p.m. at the SEA office, 207 N. Main St., Concord.

Click here to see the full flyer with more information

This series of workshops is co-sponsored by SEA and MetLife and helps members set goals and establish a retirement plan.

Space is limited, so reserve your place now by registering online.  

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