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Unplugged game night testimonial

I went to our second Unplugged family game night and it was a blast.

People always say things like how do I get my kids off the iPad and electronics long enough to play board games, or how do I fit a family game night in and still have company over – this is it.

First the company …

I was in a room with a great group of people playing some fun board games. We started the night with a trivia battle, pitting kids against parents. The questions were supposed to be easy for the kids and harder for the parents and visa versa for the parents to the kids – we all managed to answer most of the kids’ questions but had a difficult time on the parents’ questions.

While this was going on we had a game of Life going on at another table. After the game of Life, they decided to take a trip to Narnia while we finished up our game and we had a good time just sharing.

We decided then to play another game of trivia called The Logo Board Game, and this time the competition was more intense with six players competing to guess questions about logos and jingles.

The game night is a great chance to play and learn new games. Have you ever gone to a store, seen a game and said: “I’d like to know how fun that game is before I buy it”? Well, this is a chance to find out. We have lots of games and fun people to share them with.

I’m hoping to introduce a domino game called Railroad to the group one night – my mom shared the game me when she was visiting from Florida.

In addition to the games, there was a great spread of food (including pizza) to share. May 18th at 5pm is our next Unplugged game night. Join us! You need to bring nothing but you will leave with something: A great night of friendship with other people, but I warn you it could become a habit-forming great night of gaming.

Mikayla Bourque

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President’s Message: Tentative agreement details

Dear members:

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Rich Gulla

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Rich Gulla

Today we signed a tentative agreement with the state. We look forward to presenting you with a detailed outline of the agreement and reviewing our negotiations to date with the state at our Bargaining Senate meeting this Thursday, April 26, at 7 p.m. at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord.

As you weigh the merits of the agreement, it is our job to provide you with the information to make an informed decision. We understand that you may have many questions, and we encourage you to share those with us for discussion on Thursday.

Below are some highlights from the Tentative Agreement:

  • Total of 3% cost of living increases

    • The first increase of 1.5% is effective once a final contract has been signed

    • The second increase of 1.5 is effective the first pay period following January 1, 2019

  • An additional step in the matrix has been added, effective first pay period following Jan. 1, 2019

    • Employees will be eligible to move to this 9th step after 3 years at the 8th step

    • Employees will be eligible for the 8th step after two years at the 7th step (change from the current 3 years at 7th step)

  • An additional floating holiday has been added to make a total of three floating holidays.

  • Accrual of Bonus leave will be eliminated effective after this fiscal year.

  • Boot reimbursement is reinstated, per fiscal biennium (eliminates the “sunset” status of the article and protects the reimbursement in the event we are in evergreen with the CBA.)

  • The supplemental sick leave plan is modified in this tentative agreement and will be effective after January 1, 2019. It creates a hybrid system using a short-term disability plan combined with supplemental sick leave. For a brief overview of the hybrid plan with more discussion to follow at the bargaining senate, please click here.

Media reports that a tentative agreement had been signed yesterday were premature, and we urge all members to attend the Bargaining Senate meeting at the Grappone Center this Thursday at 7 p.m. We remind members that voting is limited to those in the Bargaining Senate, however if a Bargaining Senate member wishes to designate a proxy, he/she must notify Kristen Cocuzzo at kcocuzzo@seiu1984.org, as soon as possible.

In solidarity,
Rich Gulla

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New member form


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Faith and labor groups unite to call for fair state contract


Pastor John Gregory-Davis reminds demonstrators that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. choose to bring awareness to the Memphis sanitation workers against the counsel of his advisors. Dr. King was assassinated days later.

In partnership with NH clergy and faith leaders, SEA/ SEIU Local 1984 held a rally at the lobby of the NH Legislative Office Building (LOB) on Wednesday, April 4th in recognition of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s significant legacy of championing workers’ rights and to call for a fair state employees’ contract.  Rev. Gail Kinney, who worked tirelessly to make the event possible, ushered the group of about 50 attendees to march from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to the LOB.  In unison, President Richard Gulla and Rev. Eric Jackson led the demonstrators into the LOB symbolizing the historic relationship between faith and labor groups.

Speakers included Rev. Gail Kinney, Rev. Eric Jackson, Professor Annelise Orleck and President Richard Gulla. John Corrigan led the crowd in singing Solidarity Forever.


SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Richard Gulla, “We too aren’t giving up on a fair contract for the thousands of state employees who keep this state running.”

President Gulla spoke to the crowd and said “Today we reflect on the life of an extraordinary leader who led by example like all great leaders do. Dr. King’s last moments were dedicated to supporting city sanitation employees in Memphis who were striking. They were striking for better working conditions and decent pay.”

A letter signed by faith leaders and those of moral consciousness was presented to the governor’s office urging him to negotiate a fair contract with state employees.

“We draw on their grit. They never gave up and ultimately won,” continued Gulla. “We too aren’t giving up on getting a fair state contract for NH state employees. We’re not going to allow Governor Sununu to forget about the thousands of workers who keep our state running. “

The LOB gathering was preceded by a 90-minute gathering at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Concord that underscored the relationship between faith and labor in NH coming together to carry on the legacy of Dr. King. Dartmouth History Professor Annelise Orleck, a prolific writer on worker rights and human rights and author of, We Are All Fast-Food Workers, Now — The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages, was the keynote speaker of the church event.

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Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee seeks help

Your help is needed in preparation for the next round of Executive Branch bargaining. It may sound odd, with the previous bargaining cycle not yet wrapped up, but the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee has already started its work.

The CBAC advises, assists and gathers information in the collective bargaining process. While the CBAC is not exclusive to Executive Branch members, it is currently focused on the next round of Executive Branch bargaining. The first step the CBAC will take is to begin designing a bargaining survey that will be sent to members. That survey helps the CBAC, and eventually the Master Bargaining Team, to determine areas of focus in preparation for bargaining.

The team meets the first Monday of each month at 5 p.m. at the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 office, and all are invited to join. If you’re interested, you can send an email to Randy Hunneyman at rhunneyman@seiu1984.org. If we’re to deliver a strong contract, we need more voices involved. We hope yours is one of them.

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DHHS team tops at SEA 5K

First Vice President Ken Roos, left, poses for a photo with Matt Cahillane and Kathy Denoncour of the winning DHHS team at the 2018 SEA 5K.

First Vice President Ken Roos, left, poses for a photo with Matt Cahillane and Kathy Denoncour of the winning DHHS team at the 2018 SEA 5K.

Congratulations to the team from the Department of Health and Human Services, led by Matt Cahillane, which won the state agency team competition at the 25th SEA 5K Road Race, held last weekend in Concord.

The DHHS squad outpaced the team from the Judicial Branch and the perennially tough team from the Department of Environmental Services. Dan Hrobak of DES was the fastest finisher among SEA members, finishing first in his age group and ninth overall. Overall, 230 runners and walkers competed in the 5K, which is part of the Capitol Area Race Series. You can see full race results here.

The race benefits the SEA’s Operation Santa Claus, which provides gifts for thousands of children at the holidays. Thank you to all the runners, walkers and volunteers who took part, and congratulations again to the speedy team from DHHS.

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Members: Sign up for our summer trip to Foxwoods!

FoxwoodsJoin other SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Members on a trip to Foxwoods

The Social Activities Committee will be sponsoring a trip to Foxwoods Casino on Saturday, June 16th. The trip will be an all-day excursion. The bus will arrive at the SEA parking lot at 8:45 am and leave promptly at 9:00 am. It will then make a stop in Manchester on the way and will depart from Manchester at 9:25 am.

Transportation will cost $35.00. This will include your round-trip bus fare to and from Foxwoods Casino with six hours on-site. In addition, you will receive a $10.00 meal voucher or a free buffet and $15.00 betting voucher.

We will leave Foxwoods Casino promptly at 5:30 PM. We expect to return around 8:30pm. The bus maintains a “carry on-carry off” policy, so please be sure to remove all trash from the bus to and from the casino.

If interested, please fill out the Foxwoods Registration 2018 form.

Otherwise, for more information, please contact Kristen Cocuzzo at 271-3411 Ext. 122 or via email.

Please submit your payment to the SEA office as soon as possible, so that you will have a seat reserved. Your reservation will not be guaranteed until we receive payment. As with our other trips, the Foxwoods Casino Trip is a member benefit. SEA members may bring guests with them on the trip.

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State employees can still take Anthem’s HAT

Health assessment test can earn you $200 toward out-of-pocket medical costs

Just a reminder: Members covered by the state employee health benefit can still take advantage of Anthem’s Health Assessment Test (HAT). Once the test is completed, the member will receive $200 on an HRA debit card that can be used for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The HAT is a confidential questionnaire that remains in place, despite the expiration of the Executive Branch contract. You can read more about the HAT, including step-by-step instructions, on the state’s website.

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Unions, community groups join for MLK event

Please join us in Concord on April 4, the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination


The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed nearly 50 years ago in Memphis, having dedicated his final days days to bringing attention to Memphis sanitation workers who were on strike to protest unfair treatment and wages.

King stood at the intersection of faith and labor in a way few have, working to bring the two groups together. In this spirit, we’ll be gathering with faith groups and community allies on Wednesday, April 4, and we invite you to join us.

The event will begin at 11 a.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 21 Centre St., Concord, before proceeding to the front of the Legislative Office Building at noon to push for a contract for state employees. You can RSVP to the event on Facebook or by emailing publicgood@seiu1984.org.

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Members: you can get a college degree for FREE

SEIU’s new program offers a variety of associate-level programs online

New this year, your union is offering members online college courses through Eastern Gateway Community College for free. No catch, no strings attached.

The program is provided by our international union, SEIU, as a member benefit, and it includes associate degrees in accounting, business management and criminal justice to name a few. If you’re looking to go back to school, this is a great place to start – and it’s free, thanks to the collective power of your union. You can read more and apply on SEIU’s website.

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