Committee Spotlight

Highlighting the Work of the SEA’s Committees

Member involvement allows a union to thrive, and there are many ways for members to get involved in the SEA. The SEA’s many committees, which largely operate in the background, are a big way in which members stay involved and help the union thrive.

Just because they’re largely out of view doesn’t mean these committees aren’t working – a look at the SEA’s events calendar shows that committees meet just about every weeknight. These committees plan events including the annual convention and the 5K road race; they offer education and support to stewards and help decide on political endorsements; one of the most active committees plans and carries out Operation Santa Claus.

Without these committees, a lot of really necessary work just wouldn’t get done. Through these committees, members have the opportunity to make a real impact.

In an effort to shine a light on these committees and the great work they do, we’re starting a regular feature in which we profile each committee and the work done by its members. We’ll start this week with a committee many of you know well, Operation Santa Claus. Read more about that committee here.

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