SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Convention 2017

Convention 2017

The 2017 annual SEA/SEIU Local 1984 convention is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 28 and Sunday, Oct. 29 at Attitash Grand Summit Hotel in Bartlett.

This is a two-day convention, which means there will be elections for officers (president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary and treasurer) as well as four total seats on the Board of Directors. In addition, there may be constitutional amendments or resolutions to vote on.

You can see a list of nominees for Board officers and Directors here.

You can see a list of proposed resolutions and constitutional amendments here.

Please note that the filing period for resolutions and amendments has passed. In addition, the filing period for candidates to be listed on the ballot has passed, though members can still be nominated from the floor at convention. 

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Member Presented with Political Action Award

Chapter 1 Member Bob Joseph Jr. ‘a One-Man Political Education Committee’

Joseph 1

Bob Joseph Jr., center, reacts as Director John Hattan, left, and President Rich Gulla present him with the Ray Proulx Award for political action.

Every year, the Ray Proulx Award for political action is handed out at convention to a deserving SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member. This year’s winner — Chapter 1 member Bob Joseph Jr. — was not able to attend convention due to illness, so this week he was presented with his award at the union office in Concord.

As Political Education Committee Chair John Hattan noted, Bob is “a one-man political education committee.” Joseph, who happily describes himself as a “small-R” Republican played a key role in the Republican gubernatorial forum and arranged to bring Jim Reubens, who challenged Sen. Kelly Ayotte in the primary, in to meet with the Poli Ed Committee.

Bob is a fixture at Political Education Committee meetings, and often takes part in visibility events, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow members and speaking truth to power regardless of the cause or location. He said he’s happy to help make a difference, and in a union we make a difference because we’re all in it together.

“It’s a good feeling to make a difference for many,” he said. “During my college years, I was always encouraged to help people, especially those less fortunate. Having spent thirty-some years in EMS-firefighting, it was rewarding to be there in times of need. Being a member of the Political Education Committee has taught and helped me to do more.”

While the award was his alone, Bob was quick to share the credit with his fellow committee members.

“We, the members, see no ‘I’ in the things we do,” Bob said. “It takes more than me, as it takes a whole committee to make things work. Being a part of the Poli-Ed committee is enriching as well as educational. The plaque represents not only my efforts, but the group’s as a whole. This could not have been done alone. Deming’s concept as written in “Quality Based Management” is simple: We are all in this together, and hence this committee strives to make things better for the members of SEA/SEIU Local 1984.”

“Thank you again so much for your kind thoughts and having me as a member,” he said.

Hattan and President Rich Gulla were able to surprise Bob with his award this week. You can watch a video of the award presentation by clicking the link below:

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Five Nominated for Seats on Board of Directors

The 76th annual SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Convention is Oct. 22 at the Wentworth by the Sea, and among the important business of the day is the election of five seats on the Board of Directors.

Those seats include one retiree board position, as well as four state employee board positions. Nominees for the Board of Directors were required to submit a self-nomination form one month prior to the convention in order to get their name printed on the ballot, however nominations can also be accepted from the floor at Convention.

The five candidates who submitted self-nomination forms by the deadline include: John Amrol (retiree), Peter Brunette (state), Heather Fairchild (state), Mary Fields (state), and Cynthia Sanborn-Dubey (state). 

Director (Retiree, one position, three-year term)

John Amrol, Chapter 1

I am running again for the Retiree Director’s position because I feel that, with my past experience — President for nine years, member of many past and present committees, many years on the Board, and having worked with the Legislature on many issues — I can continue to contribute a great deal. I believe my past experience assists in the decision-making of our Board of Directors. I have always been very concerned about how our retirees have been treated, and I hope my past actions as the Retiree Director have demonstrated to retirees and members alike that I have been working for them and doing what i can to protect what they have earned. I am asking the Convention to allow me to work for you again, my SEA brothers and sisters, by once again giving me your vote.

Director (State, four positions, three-year term)

Peter Brunette, Chapter 41

Peter Brunette is a certified child welfare attorney employed by DHHS. Peter is an active Steward and Chapter President (41), and serves on the Collective Bargaining Advisory and Stewards Committees and as Chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee. A former SEA Director, Master Bargaining Team member and Chair of the Ethics Committee, Peter serves on the DHHS Workloads Standards Committee and the DHHS Sub-Unit Bargaining Team.

Heather Fairchild, Chapter 16

Current Director; active member of the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee (CBAC); current member of the Master Bargaining Team; current Chapter 16 President, past Vice President and Councilor for Chapters 16 and 2.

Mary Fields, Chapter 45

Current Director (2 years), DHHS Labor Management Committee Chair (3 years), Steward, Chapter 45 Vice President.

Cynthia Sanborn-Dubey, Chapter 54

Steward, Subunit and Master Bargaining Team member, Chapter vice president and Member Political Organizer.

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76th Annual Convention Set for October


The SEA/SEIU Local 1984’s 76th Annual Convention is set to take place on Oct. 22 at the Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle. This one-day convention will include elections of five directors. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the call to order comes at 9 a.m.

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 First Vice President Ken Roos, who chairs the Convention Arrangements Committee, encouraged all delegates to attend (you can read more about delegates below).

“We recognize that SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members cover every corner of the state, which is why we bring our annual meeting to the SEAcoast,” Roos said. “There’s no more fitting location to close out our 75th year than at the glorious Wentworth by the SEA!”

Nominations being accepted

Nominations are currently being accepted for five positions on the Board of Directors; there are four open state employee positions and one open retiree position. Nominations are also being accepted for the John B. Parker Award for Outstanding Member.

In addition, members can submit proposals for constitutional amendments and resolutions. Below, you’ll find links to all forms, as well as the due date (please note that due dates differ). You can fill out the forms entirely online by clicking “Submit online” or you may print out and return a PDF copy electronically or by mail by clicking “Download PDF.”

Nominations for Board of Directors: (due Sept. 22)  Submit online  |  Download PDF

Nominations for John B. Parker Award: (due Aug. 29)  Submit online  |  Download PDF

Constitutional Amendments: (due Aug. 23)  Submit online  |  Download PDF

Resolutions: (due Aug. 23)  Submit online  |  Download PDF

About the location

The Wentworth by the Sea is located at 588 Wentworth Road in New Castle. Because this is a one-day convention, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 will not cover the cost of accommodations at the hotel. Delegates to the convention are advised that the Wentworth requires a two-night stay for weekends, so if you choose to stay in the area you may want to seek alternate accommodations.

Delegates and registration information

Delegates to the convention include duly elected chapter presidents and councilors, or designated duly elected alternate councilors. Informational packets will be sent to all delegates as soon as possible.

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Delegates Reflect on SEIU Convention

The delegates from SEA/SEIU Local 1984 began each day with a meeting over breakfast.

The delegates from SEA/SEIU Local 1984 began each day with a meeting over breakfast.

Late last month, a 12-member delegation from SEA/SEIU Local 1984 traveled to Detroit to take part in the SEIU Quadrennial Convention. The convention, which took place across five days, happens once every four years and brings together SEIU locals from all around the country.

Delegates took part in various workshops each day of the convention.

Delegates took part in various workshops each day of the convention.

For the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 delegation, each 12-14 hour day began with a breakfast meeting before the group members headed off to presentations and workshops on topics such as health care and the Fight for $15. Delegates voted on a series of resolutions as well as leaders for the International Executive Board. In that way, the convention sets in motion what the international union will focus on over the next four years. In addition to looking ahead, the convention also took a look back at some of the victories over the last four years.

Delegate and SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Director Jim Nall speaks. You can watch a video here.

Delegate and SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Director Jim Nall speaks. You can watch a video here.

“It was very enlightening to see and hear in action the things other unions have done,” said Kathleen Cintavey of Chapter 65. “That was a very motivating experience.”

One such victory that struck a chord with Cintavey is the Fight for $15, which aims to ensure that all workers earn a living wage.

“When you hear how (raising wages) has the potential to change people’s lives, I think that’s very important,” she said. “In our society, there are large groups of people who’ve lost hope all together. When you’re able to implement a $15 minimum wage, you’re giving hope to a lot of people.”

Cintavey said the days were long but the experience was well put together. She had high praise for the other members of the delegation.

“I felt a part of it all because our team of delegates was extremely welcoming to me,” she said. “I’ve never been to a convention like that, and they were very good at answering questions based on their previous experiences. It was a good opportunity for me to get to know the other people in the union, especially those who do quite a bit with the union.”

While the aim of the convention is to energize delegates and send them home with the tools and motivation to effect change, Cintavey said she found value in just talking with her fellow SEA/SEIU Local 1984 delegates.

“I do negotiations for my unit, and I was very happy to get to know Jim Nall,” Cintavey said. Nall is the chair of the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee as well as the Master Bargaining Team. “He and I will be doing some work together.”

Lynn Ducasse, of Chapter 20, is another one of the new members who took part, and she agreed with Cintavey that the delegation helped make the experience more valuable.

“The group was fantastic, and I’m very glad I’m part of the union,” she said. “I felt like I could contribute. Everyone listened and wanted feedback, President Rich Gulla listened and everybody was able to contribute.”

Ducasse has been a member for just over two years and is increasingly involved in the union. She said she’s now motivated to do even more.

“There’s a lot that I’d like to get more into, and learn some more,” she said. “I’d like to continue to get more involved.”

The 2016 SEIU International Convention took place Friday, May 20 through Tuesday, May 24. The delegation included (in alphabetical order): Kathleen Cintavey (Chapter 65), Second Vice President Tammy Clark (Chapter 45), Corey Dearborn (Chapter 21), Lynn Ducasse (Chapter 20), President Rich Gulla (Chapter 54), Jonathan Hallet (Chapter 21), Secretary Kristen Marabella (Chapter 16), Director Jim Nall (Chapter 9), Director Cindy Perkins (Chapter 37), First Vice President Ken Roos (Chapter 16), Brenda Thomas (Chapter 20) and Director Cheryl Towne (Chapter 9).

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Convention 2015: Special Guests Address Delegates

Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses delegates to the 75th convention.

Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses delegates to the 75th convention.

Director and Chair of the Political Education Committee John Hattan introduced Sen. Bernie Sanders. It’s important to note that Sanders was there speaking as an invited guest. The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 has not endorsed a candidate in the presidential primary.

Sanders told members that “you are the backbone of this country. Thank you for what you do.”He elaborated on the necessity of overturning the Supreme Court’s decision that has remade how political campaigns are run in this country – the Citizens United case. The decision basically means that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money on political activities – Super PACs. According to Senator Sanders the wealthy and connected Koch brothers have pumped $900 million into just this campaign cycle, which is far more than either of the national Democratic and Republican parties has been able to raise.  “No president is able alone to address the issues because corporate America and Wall Street are so powerful,” he said.

Convention 2015 262

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry addresses delegates at the 75th convention. Later, she presided over the installation of new officers.

We were also honored to have special guest SEIU President Mary Kay Henry with us this year. She addressed the delegates in an overview of the challenges workers and unions currently face. And, she commended the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 for being the first Local nationwide to form a working Fight for $15 committee.  President Henry attended the convention from start to finish, and led the installation of our new Board members. You can see the installation here.

After President Henry’s remarks, attendees participated in an interactive exercise that focused on how to have recruitment conversations with non-members, which is something all SEIU locals will be engaging in over the coming months, including our local.

When various reports were given to the delegates and door prizes were distributed, the Convention closed for another year.

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Convention 2015: Award Winners

Convention 2015 202

Burrett McBee, of Chapter 30, was presented with the John B. Parker Award for outstanding member.

The Chapter of the Year was awarded to Chapter 52, Strafford County Corrections. Over the last year, they embodied the spirit of the labor movement by creating their own chapter and successfully putting together a Labor Management Committee.

Director Jim Nall presented the John B. Parker Award to this year’s outstanding member, Burrett McBee, chapter 30, Plymouth State lecturers.  McBee serves on multiple volunteer committees, pushed organizing with his peers, works with the Fresh Air program and immigrants causes, and was deeply involved in securing the unit’s first collective bargaining agreement.

Convention 2015 214

Members of the Fight for $15 Committee accept the Ray Proulx Award for Political Activism.

Director John Hattan presented the Ray Proulx Award, which is given to the political activist of the year, to the Fight for $15 Committee for their work over the last year. This was the first time this award was given to a committee rather than an individual.  If you would like to know more about this committee you can read it here.

President Rich Gulla presented the Charles Stevens Award for chapter president of the year to Jennifer Hunt, president of Chapter 39, Judicial Branch. Gulla said, “This chapter president inspires others and has clearly not hesitated under difficult times; and advocates for her chapter’s members.”

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Convention 2015: Board of Directors Elections

Convention 2015 372

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry leads the installation of officers to the Board of Directors. From right, Jeremy Dupuis, Germano Martins, Frank Wike-Clerk and John Hattan are sworn in as directors. Terry Locke, who was elected to the board’s County and Municipal seat, was unable to attend convention due to work requirements.

Nominations for one Board Director from private sector, one Board Director for County and Municipalities, and three Directors opened. Each person nominating a candidate was allowed three minutes to present information about their candidate.

Nominated candidates were then allotted five minutes each to address the delegates.  In lieu of a traditional candidate’s speech, incumbent Director Germano Martins launched into an impassioned address regarding the issue of the extremely wealthy and powerful stealing the money of working class Americans saying, “We are at a crossroads here – years ago I had all benefits – a little at a time, they took it back. The wealthy and powerful one percent owns everything.  They don’t own that stuff, they stole it. Now we want it back.” This sentiment was voiced again later in the morning by guest speaker and presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The outcomes of the elections were:  Director Private Sector – Frank Wike-Clerk; Director County and Municipality – Terry Locke; Directors – Jeremy Dupuis, John Hattan and Germano Martins. One hundred thirteen delegates voted.

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Convention 2015: Resolutions and Amendments

Convention 2015 347

Eric Ferren, the chair of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, addresses delegates.

Included in the busy agenda was the presentation of three Resolutions.  The first was to draft and bring forward legislation that calls for a Cost of Living Adjustment for all retirees who participate in the New Hampshire Retirement System.  The resolution passed unanimously.

The second Resolution called for SEA/SEIU Local 1984 mileage reimbursement to be increased to 50% of the rate established by the US Internal Revenue Service, which is currently 57.5 cents per mile.  This would increase the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 mileage reimbursement rate from 20 cents per mile to 28.75 cents per mile. The resolution was referred to the Finance Committee for consideration.

Peter Brunette rises to speak on

Peter Brunette rises to speak on an amendment.

The third Resolution would have provided non-members with the right to be surveyed, included in any and all aspects of bargaining, and be able to vote on the proposed contract.  The resolution failed.

There were also two Constitutional Amendments brought forward. The first established the addition of a SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Board of Directors seat for a representative of the Community College System (CCSNH). This amendment passed.

The second amendment brought forward for consideration dealt with establishing an additional standing committee per the constitution. The proposed committee would be called the Elections Committee, which would be charged with reviewing all Federal, State, Local, and SEIU requirements for elections of any type within the association. Following discussion, this constitutional amendment failed.

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Convention 2015: Opening and an Unprecedented Moment

Convention 2015 110

Gov. Maggie Hassan and SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Rich Gulla sign the Executive Branch contract at the start of the 75th annual convention.

At 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 3, President Rich Gulla brought the SEA/SEIU Local 1984’s 75th Annual Convention to order.

After the opening Pledge of Allegiance, 2nd Vice President Tammy Clark asked for a moment of silence for the untimely passing of a young member, Christina Ricci, Chapter 4.  It was a moment that reminds us that life is fleeting and each moment should be cherished.

Convention 2015 105

Members of the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 bargaining team thanked Gov. Hassan by delivering a bouquet of roses, one by one, as they were each introduced.

Governor Maggie Hassan addressed the attendees before an unprecedented Executive Branch contract signing ceremony at a convention. Governor Hassan and President Gulla signed the contract before the members of convention and both sides’ master bargaining teams.  After the signing, each member of the Executive Branch team presented the Governor with a purple rose.  She was visibly delighted by the gesture.

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