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CCSNH Bargaining Bulletin, 12/15/15

Budget 2015

Here is some of the media coverage related to recent layoffs:

Banner Revitalization Consultation

Notes from the consultation with CCSNH on Banner Revitalization (6/3/15)

SEA/SEIU 1984 Full-time/Part-time Staff  CCSNH Negotiating  Team Members

Great Bay Community College Becky Clerkin, Chief Library Officer
Lakes Region Community College Wendy Parent, Bursar
Manchester Community College Mark McGrath, Admissions Counselor
Nashua Community College Mike Burnham, Admissions Representative
New Hampshire Technical Institute Barb Anstey, Business Office Supervisor
River Valley Community College Matt Perron, Director of Facilities
White Mountain Community College Steve Derosier, Plant  Maintenance Engineer
CCSNH Toni Theberge, Purchasing and Payable Accountant


SEA/SEIU 1984 Faculty Negotiating Team Members

Great Bay Community College Catherine Ennis, Associate Professor
Lakes Region Community College Dave Pollak, Professor
Manchester Community College Jason Strong, Associate Professor
Nashua Community College Bob Bragdon, Professor
New Hampshire Technical Institute Bill Shurbert, Professor
River Valley Community College Kim-Laura Boyle, PT, DPT Professor
White Mountain Community College Jeff Schall, Professor


Labor Management Committee Members

Great Bay Community College Ed Mayrand
Lakes Region Community College Wendy Parent
Manchester Community College Linda Willard
Nashua Community College Laurie Berna
New Hampshire Technical Institute Barbara Anstey”>
River Valley Community College Jim McCarragher
System Office Toni Theberge
White Mountain Community College Sylvie Pratte

Labor Management Committee Minutes

December 6, 2011      October 27, 2011      June 10, 2011      May 6, 2011      September 12, 2014

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