Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee

Set to Bargain!

Last night members gathered at the SEA Office to elect who will serve on the next Executive Branch Bargaining Team.  By the close of the meeting, 11 members were elected to serve on the team. Jim Nall, current chair of the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee and committee members will appoint an additional three members to round out the team. The team will begin to meet regularly this fall to start preparing for contract negotiations.

“This is a huge committment of time and energy,” said Jim Nall. “It’s a serious issue when people are coming forward saying they will do this. I can’t emphasize enough how much time this takes for team members.”

The following members were elected to the team: Laurie Aucoin, Chapter 4; Richard DeSeve, Chapter 50; Donna Fleming, Chapter 16; Cheryl Frey, Chapter 20; Elizabeth Gulker, Chapter 37; Marie Elaina Guthro, Chapter 19; Linda Huard, Chapter 19; Justin Jardine, Chapter 255; Dennis Meuse III, Chapter 3 (formerly Chapter 22); John Morin, Chapter 255; and Bruce Vanlandingham, Chapter 3.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking these members!

You can view a slideshow from last night’s meeting here.

Attention: Executive Branch Employees – Bargaining Team Elections to Be Held this Month

The Collective Bargaining Policy states that the Collective Bargaining Senate will conduct elections for the 2013-2015 State Employee Master Bargaining Team. The next round of state bargaining should be an interesting one. Clearly, the economic picture for NH – and all across the country – is uncertain at best. With workers ranging from labor grade 5 to 35; young to old; single to having a large family; blue collar, white collar or somewhere in between; we are a diverse workforce that needs a diverse and hard working bargaining team to ensure we do the best job for all of our members!

The team will be comprised of fifteen members, eleven of whom will be elected at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27th at the Collective Bargaining Senate to be held at the SEA Headquarters. Nominees will be required to give a short speech (no more than three minutes) at the meeting and then written ballots will be issued to all eligible meeting attendees to vote on all of the nominees. Eleven members will be elected based on the minimum threshold of receiving at least a majority of votes. A majority of votes means that the nominee has received at least 50% of the votes plus 1 vote – based on attendance and eligibility to vote. Subsequent ballots may be needed in the event there are ties for persons receiving the lowest number of a majority vote or if enough members do not achieve the minimum threshold of a majority of votes.  In each ballot in which more than eleven nominees remain, the lowest vote getter will be removed from subsequent balloting.

In addition to those eleven members, the team will include the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee Chair and three appointments made by the Chair and approved by the Committee, for a total of fifteen members. Plus, serving in an ex-officio capacity will be the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Collective Bargaining Administrator.

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