Agency-Wide NH DHHS Labor Management Committee

LMCs can help improve the overall labor relations climate. For this to work, of course, both sides need to buy in, which requires flexibility and openness to the other side’s roles and responsibilities. Our team is always looking for input for LMC meeting agenda items. If you know of a particular worksite issue that is common to many workers – odds are that issue should be discussed at a regularly scheduled LMC meeting.  Our LMC meet quarterly.

Peter Brunette, member of the DHHS LMC and Chapter 41 president, encourages workers to come forward with issues for the LMC to discuss. “We need workers to tell us what to talk about at these meetings, so we can make sure individual’s voices are being heard,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for management and employees to sit down in a non-confrontational setting and talk about a workplace-specific issue. In order to be productive as a committee we need to have specific issues to address.”

He said that LMC members are really hoping to make members aware that this is their opportunity to have a voice in how their agency is managed.

“The employees of this agency need to know they have a right to be heard on these management issues,” he said. “It may not trump management’s prerogative, but we have a right to be heard.”

If you are not certain whether an issue is suitable for LMC, just ask one of your LMC Committee members.

Diana Richard

Diana Richard

Diana Richard, DHHS LMC Chair, Chapter 16.

Diana is a Secretary II with the Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman and has been with DHHS since 2001.  She has been a member of the SEA since August 2003.  She is known as a fierce advocate of the lower labor grade employees.  Diana served on the Master Bargaining Team 2007 – 2013, served on the SEA Board of Directors for a 3-year term, previously serving as Secretary for 1 year.  She has been a Chapter 16 Councilor since 2007, recently Chapter 16 Acting President and now Vice President.  She has served on various SEA committees and volunteers for phone banks, stuffing mailings and many other projects at the SEA.  As a strong advocate for our members needs, Diana looks forward to continue to represent all members equally.  Diana can be reached at 271-4375 or 1-800-442-5640 or


Peter Brunette

Peter Brunette, Chapter 4

Peter is an Attorney II with the Division of Children, Youth & Families.  He has been employed by DHHS as an Attorney since 2006 and is currently assigned to a DCYF child protection unit in Rochester.  An attorney since 1989, he is a certified Child Welfare Law Specialist.  Peter has been active with the Chapter 4 (Seacoast area) as President, Councilor, Steward and also a former Director of the SEA Board of Directors.  Peter can be reached at 332-9120, x-114 or

Phil Burt

Phil Burt

Phillip Burt, Chapter 45

Phil is a Supervisor III with the New HEIGHTS Testing Unit.  He has been a member of the SEA since 2000 and has been active for much of that time.  Phil has worked at DHHS since 1999.  He favors a balance of what is reasonable and doable and what is not.  Phil has long been aware of those with unreasonable expectations of employees, which is why he enjoys his role with the LMC.  Phil can be reached at 227-0350 or

Heather Fairchild

Heather Fairchild

Heather Fairchild, Chapter 16

Heather is a Program Specialist IV Health, Safety & Wellness Coordinator.  She has been with the department since 1999 and shortly thereafter, Heather joined Public Health, Chapter 16.  At DHHS, she has worked tirelessly to help make the work environment safer and more comfortable for all employees.  Wellness and safety are her two priorities.  Due to her knack for creating ergonomic “fixes” without an established budget, she is known in some circles as “McGuiver” or the “Posture Police”.  She has been a member of the SEA since February 1996.  She has been a Councilor, Vice President and currently Chapter President.  She has served on the Political Education and Ethics committees and the Lavender Caucus over the years and was just recently elected as an SEA Director with the SEA Board of Directors.  Heather can be reached at 271-9517 or

Mary Fields, Chapter 45

Mary is a Program Specialist IV with Medicaid client services. She oversees the Medical Transportation Unit, the database for the phone system and the call center. She has been with DHHS and and SEA member since October 2007.  She is the current Chapter 45 Vice President and has previously served as the chapter President.  She has been an active Steward and Councilor since 2008,  is the current Chair for the Thayer Building Committee and has served on the Steward Committee.  She has been an active member of the HHS LMC for the past few years and has served as its acting Chair  for several months.  Mary is not afraid to speak up for what’s right and works hard to ensure equality and safety.  Mary can be reached at 271-5722 or

April Fogarty.

April Fogarty

April Fogarty, Chapter 45

April is a Secretary II with the Ryan White CARE Program, Department of Public Health. She has been with the Department of Health and Human Services since March of 2011. April values the visions and campaigns of the State Employee’s Association and looks forward to engaging in the conversations as a member of the LMC. April can be reached at 271-4502 or

John Hattan

John Hattan

John Hattan, Chapter 45

John currently works as a Program Specialist II with Child Support and serves as Secretary to the DHHS LMC. He has worked within the Department since 1989 at NH Hospital, Child Support in Southern District Office, and now in Policy for Child Support in Administration.  He has contributed actively to the SEA since 1990 and currently serves on the Board of Directors and as Secretary to Chapter 45 as well as in various roles within the Association.  He works to to make the LMC a place where DHHS SEA members’ voices can be heard. John can be reached at 223-4818 (74818) or

Kristen Marabella

Kristen Marabella

Kristen Marabella, Chapter 16

Kristen is a Family Service Specialist I with the Division Of Client Services.  She has been employed by DHHS since 2000 and has worked at the Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC). Kristen has been a member of SEA since 2000 and served as Chapter 21 Secretary and Councilor.  Currently she is a Councilor of chapter 16, is a member of the Political Education Committee (Poli-Ed) and has volunteered for many SEA Campaigns. Kristen is a strong advocate for all employees and will continue to strive for a good working relationship between labor and upper management. She can be reached at 271-9708 or

Ken Roos

Ken Roos

Ken Roos, Chapter 16

Ken is an Administrator of Planning and Coordination with Elderly & Adult Services and  has been with the department since 1990.  Ken has served as a member of the DHHS LMC since its inception.  Ken currently serves all the members of the SEA as 1st Vice President, a position he has held for the past 3 years.  Ken has served on the Board of Directors since 2007.  Having joined the SEA 15 years ago, Ken soon became a Chapter 16 Councilor ultimately serving as Chapter President and continues to represent Chapter members as a Councilor.  Ken’s curly grey hair is a fixture at both the Brown Building and the SEA office.  Politicians serving in the State House to the White House fondly refer him to as a “rabble rouser.”  Ken can be reached at 271-9208 or

Cheryl Towne

Cheryl Towne

Cheryl Towne, Chapter 9

Cheryl is an Inventory Control Supervisor with Glencliff Home.  Cheryl became a union member shortly after she was hired in 1998 and strives to save the state money whenever and wherever possible knowing it’s also saving the taxpayers money.  In 2010, Cheryl received a Commendation by Governor Lynch for saving the state tens of thousands of dollars.  She has been a very active Union member, especially at Glencliff Home.  Cheryl is passionate and is quite vocal about work site issues.  She tries to help others whenever possible.  Since being an LMC member, she has learned a lot about other state employee’s issues.  She sees the LMC as a good tool to have a better working relationship with upper management.  Cheryl can be reached at 989-3111, x-1617 or

Lorien Wilson

Lorien Wilson

Lorien Wilson, Chapter 45

Lorien is a Business Systems Analyst II with Reporting and Analysis at the Brown Building. She has worked at DHHS since 2001. She has been a member of the SEA since 1999.  Lorien has served as Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, and currently is a Chapter Councilor.  She is often involved with different SEA Committees as Committee Member and Committee Chair.  Lorien can be reached at 271-9337 or


DHHS LMC Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2016

December 8, 2015

July 21, 2015

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