Online actions

When working people stick together and get involved, we can win. We’re working to make it easier for you to get involved in the political process with online actions. We’ll periodically update this page with new actions and alert you via email updates.

CPSW caseload standards: SB 582 would set caseload standards for child protective service workers in state Dept. of Health and Human Services  |  Email committee or Email your senator

Social Security pension offset: HB 1757 would match the Social Security offset in the NH Retirement System to a retiree’s actual Social Security retirement age  |  Email committee

State retiree health care: SB 543 would keep the promise made to state retirees that their health care costs would be covered in retirement  |  Email committee

COLA for retirees: HB 1756 would grant some members of the state pension system a one-time allowance in 2019 and a COLA in 2020  |  Email your representatives

CCSNH health care: SB 215 would set up a process to ensure it would be a good deal for fall if CCSNH were to re-enter the state health care plan  |  Email your senator

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