Representation in the Workplace

SEA Members Are Entitled to Representation and Support in Disciplinary Actions

With a collective bargaining agreement, when it comes to discipline, you have the right to a structured grievance procedure.  This means management must prove they have “just cause” according to the collective bargaining agreement for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you feel you are being treated unfairly or may be disciplined, you have the right to representation. Members who are trained to represent you are called stewards. Each chapter should have one or more steward.  If you do not know your steward you can find out at your local chapter page. If you do not know your chapter number, call the SEA office at (603) 271-3411 or (800) 852-3737.

The Role of the Steward

Job Description
1. The steward is the Union’s representative at the worksite.
2. The steward is the liaison between the members, the Union and
3. The steward shall process all grievances on behalf of employees
within their jurisdiction at least through the first two steps of the
grievance procedure with the help of the SEA staff.
4. The steward shall endeavor to meet with new employees within his or
her jurisdiction to recruit them into the union.
5. The steward shall post notices from the union on the designated SEA
bulletin boards and maintain said areas.
6. The steward shall keep members informed of important news and
information as communicated to the steward from the officers and staff
of the union.
7. The steward shall keep the union informed of employee issues and concerns

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