Strength in Numbers

Strength# logoWorkers’ rights are under attack across the country. Extreme groups, funded by anti-union billionaires, have been spending millions of dollars to create legislation that will restrict our rights in order to get what they really want:  to hang on to their wealth by controlling how much we earn and silencing us. They do not want us to join together to fight for what’s fair because they’ve seen that when we come together, we win.

In order to fight this well organized attack on our rights, we need to reach out to every nonmember who benefits from the work our union does and ask them to join us to protect our gains over the years on health care, wages and workplace rights. At the same time, we need to build a war chest to fight back politically against the tens of millions of dollars being spent attacking us.

You can do your part by having conversations with nonmembers about the benefits of joining with us as SEA, SEIU Local 1984 members for a stronger voice in the workplace.

If you are willing to join us, please contact John Thyng at or by calling (603) 271-3411 x128.

Here are some tools to help you have these conversations.

A document that identifies the benefits associated with membership

A document that outlines SEA Achievements

A document with talking points to help you get started





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