Your Contract

A Collective Bargaining Contract is a formal and binding contract between employers and employees.  SEA and bargaining teams work long and hard to negotiate the very best agreements possible between management and the work force.  Once an agreement is reached, the resulting document is said to be a tentative agreement.  All full members of the bargaining unit then have the option to vote for or against accepting the contract.  If the majority votes in favor of accepting the contract, it is then considered ratified.

Once the collective bargaining agreement is signed and in place, the employer can’t make any changes without first negotiating those changes with the union.  An SEA Collective Bargaining Agreement spells out in writing such things as, wage rates, insurance, holiday pay, vacation time, and seniority.  The contract also provides for such things as sick leave, jury duty, funeral leave, military service leave, hours of work, overtime, safety regulations, and conditions of employment.

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