Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executive body of the union made up of elected members who attend to the business needs of the organization. The Board is structured to include a President, First and Second Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and several directors. Members of the Board and are elected by their peers at the SEA’s Annual Convention or by special election if an office becomes vacant between conventions.

You may access Board of Director’s Policy Manual here.
You may access Board of Director’s meeting minutes and board agendas here.


All terms expire in 2021

   President Rich Gulla | 271-3411 x 104


   First Vice President Mary Fields | 271-9358


   Second Vice President John Hattan | 223-4818


Treasurer Kimothy Griffin


   Immediate Past Treasurer Avis Crane


   Secretary Cindy Perkins.


   John Amrol (Retiree representative – term expires 2022)


   Mikayla Bourque (term expires 2021)


   Peter Brunette (term expires 2022)


   Phil Burt (term expires 2020) | 271-9761


   Corey Dearborn (term expires 2020) | 657-5952


   Mike Derderian (term expires 2021)



   Heather Fairchild (term expires 2022) | 271-9517


   Germano Martins (term expires 2021) | 858-3589


   Ken Muske (term expires 2022) | 559-9104


   Jim Nall (term expires 2020) | 989-3111



   Cheryl Towne (term expires 2022) | 989-3111

Vacant seats

Private sector – Term expires 2021

CCSNH – Term expires 2020

County and municipal – Term expires 2021

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