Legislation & Our Wins

COLA bill moves onto the Senate!

Background: Members of NHRS have not received a COLA in more than nine years. As expenses rise, these retirees who dedicated their careers to public service find themselves left further and further behind. As introduced, this bill would grant a 1.5 percent COLA to those who have been retired for 60 months. The latest House vote (219-150), HB 616, received strong support and now moves on to the Senate. Stay tuned for more information!

We thank everyone who sent online action forms to their representatives. 

In the meantime, below is a short video member retirees put together ahead of the House vote.


Senate Approves Child Protection Bill

Background: On February 14, the Senate unanimously voted in support of SB 6 that appropriates funds to ensure that case workloads are aligned with nationally accepted standards. Thanks to the members from the Department of Health and Human Services who gave compelling testimony before the committee in favor of the bill.

“We are happy that this was a unanimous vote because this legislation sends a message to these workers of ‘we hear you, we thank you and we’re sending resources’,” said Richard Gulla, president SEA/SEIU Local 1984. We are also glad to see that the governor’s budget proposal identifies this as a great need.”

Our member JoAnne Coles speaks to the urgency of passing SB 6.


Strafford County Secures Contract

Since declaring impasse in December 2018, Strafford County Corrections recently signed a one-year contract extension in March 2019 that provided for pay raises as well as a significant reduction in employee health insurance costs.  The bargaining unit successfully managed a comprehensive contract campaign that included an employee rally and an aggressive membership drive.  This bargaining unit has reached 100% membership.

Merrimack County Secures Contract

The Merrimack County Corrections Bargaining Team ended a two year impasse and successfully negotiated a three year successor contract that will provide for substantial raises over the life of the contract.  Merrimack County will now employ the highest paid County Corrections Officers in the State of NH.

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